I also got chance to test the Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold. This is one of the finest solder on the market. Currently, I use WBT for most of my main project. But the chance to try the M-Solder shouldn’t be wasted, right?

This Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold consists of:

  • Sn: 88.6%
  • Cu: 1.8%
  • Ag: 9.5%
  • Au: 0.1%


I think Mundorf should mark this material in better fashionable way. As you can see below on the photo, the marking S-Sn88,6Cu1,8Ag9,5Au0,1 makes me some headache when reading it. C’mon Raimund (Mundorf), didn’t you should have enough space to separate the commas between them? 😉


From a slight listening test, this Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold has a very natural sound. It doesn’t have extra “cling” as WBT Silver Solder, but the tonal and detail are just “there”, “enough”, and “sweet”. I think both WBT and this Mundorf has their own application based on where you will use it, but definitely, they are both on the top level of performance. Btw, the Mundorf is about 1.5 times more expensive than the WBT.

Some different also on the appearance. The M-Solder will not have “too shiny” like WBT, but a little bit “dull silver color” (well, the effect of Gold material for sure). Also the smell totally different with WBT (I’ve been using WBT for more than 7 years I think, so I definitely recognize the apperance and smell of it).