Monthly Archives: November 2009

Talema Transformer for My Gainclone

Finally, with the help from my girlfriend, I manage to get the Nuvotem Talema Transformer on hand within a week. It’s rated at 6.3A with 2x18V output or about 225VA....... Read More

Some Vintage Meters

I manage to secure some old vintage meters. One is for DC Voltage (up to 300V, exactly what I need for my pre-amp). While the other is mA meter (up...... Read More

Am I Seeing (Smelling?) My Gold Burned?

When I arrived back home at night and cleaned up my equipment, I noticed that my solder tip has “golden” color appearance. Well, I have been on this solder-toy-world for...... Read More

Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold

I also got chance to test the Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold. This is one of the finest solder on the market. Currently, I use WBT for most of my main...... Read More

Custom Made Power Transformer for My Pre-Amp

I ordered custom made transformer to replace my old Aikido Pre-Amp transformer. Before, I rarely ordered a “finished” transformer (but prefer doing DIY one with my colleague). But now I’m...... Read More

Pre-Amp #26 Parafeed – Tweaked with Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube

I visited my friend’s home few days ago. We planned to tweak his #26 Pre-Amp (with Parafeed design). His Pre-Amp was a high quality pre-amp, in terms of parts and...... Read More

The Journey Continues…

It’s a cool weekend, we are entering rainy months. I continue soldering my Ultimate Power Supply. Today, I solder 8 pcs of MUR860 and 70 pcs of Black Gate F...... Read More

“Ultimate” Power Supply is Getting Near

Some of you have emailed me asking to finish the Gainclone – Black Gate Power Supply project, and well, I’m about to complete it with some modification. Here is the...... Read More