Monthly Archives: October 2009

Mini Regulator Testing

I’m the middle of laziness… Actually I want to finish my Gainclone LM1875 project, but it will consume a lot of my brainpower 😉 But I don’t want to waste...... Read More

Am I Losing My Math?

I have made RGN/B4/B5 to Octal Converter few weeks ago. Actually, the converter was made for 1A RGN Rectifier (because of the resistor drop value). I put 2 x 0.5...... Read More

Cui Yan Guang: Audiophile Voicings Volume II

Some singers have their own unique “tone”, which reflects their “style” when singing. This uniqueness will  make us remember his/her specialty. This old vintage CD Audio, produced around 2001, shows...... Read More

Jensen “Classic” Pure Copper Foil Aluminium Tube as Power Supply Bypass

Still remember my other “stupidity” here? After several hours of investigation, I finally decide that the Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube is not a good capacitor for bypassing purpose. The...... Read More

Slowing Down the Tone…

I do love the improvement after I finish the VCap TFTF Capacitor Mods on my Aikido Power Supply. The staging is awesome. I could “see” not only a center point,...... Read More

Bleeder Resistor: Who the Hell Are You?

To simplify the answer, Bleeder Resistor is used to “short” the positive and negative rail on your High Voltage (B+) circuit. The main reason is safety. Without Bleeder Resistor, your...... Read More