It’s over midnight. After my previous mod on my Aikido Power Supply section here, it’s time to test it with RGN rectifier. I pick my Tefefunken RGN1054 Mesh Rectifier (before, I use Russian 5U4C, not a bad rectifier though).

The result? RGN offers even more transparency, even more detail, and the most important is, it gives the “musicality” there. I would translate the “musicality” here as the sweet harmonics delivered on every tone played.

But, it lacks the low register a little bit though… In a really small margin, but you could hear that the bass is not as punchy as before (with 5U4C Rectifier). I will try later with Telefunken RGN 2004 Mesh Rectifier, since I need to modify my converter socket first.

That’s all for now. It’s sleeping time! 🙂