I dig my parts bin and found some resistor values which I needed to upgrade my Aikido. I used three brands here, Riken RMG “Metal Film”, Shinkoh “Tantalum”, and Kiwame “Carbon Film”.

Lets fire up the soldering iron 😉


I removed all the PCB from the “temporary chassis” (would find a suitable chassis soon). Then, after removing all the resistors, I plugged them back.


I also changed the volume control to DACT 100K 24-steps Attenuator. A nice volume control! Definitely better staging and transparency compared with my old ALPS.


The final shoot of the modification. I didn’t cut the resistor’s leads because this modification was still on progress. Some values might be changed and I didn’t want to waste my parts (especially for the expensive US$ 8 for the Shinkoh).