Yes, you might call me crazy! A Teflon VCap TFTF on Power Supply section?

If I need to make myself clear, this 0.47uF/600VDC VCap TFTF Teflon capacitor will cost you around US$ 150 each (depends on quantity). So we will spend near US$ 300 only for two VCap TFTF here!!!

And eventually, you will ask why do I put those caps there? 😉 Actually this is an “accident”. I bought those VCap few months ago, but it just didn’t match right with my current system (it prefers Duelund CAST PIO) – check the article here, here, and here. So what should I do with them? 😉


I put one pair of VCap TFTF Capacitors 0.47uF/600VDC to replace the previous pair of Obbligato Oil Capacitors 6.8uF/630VDC and a bypass capacitor, Obbligato Copper 0.047uF/630VDC.


How’s the result? 😉

I was stunned to hear the first tone after I put VCap TFTF on the Power Supply section. From Eriko Ishihara to Salena Jones, from Ingram Washington to Livingston Taylor, from Chen Lily to Cai Qin. All I want to do is to listen all my songs, which I already familiar with.

The first impression is the vocal is very focused on the center, a little bit laid back, with excellent layering. The staging also become very wide, with very good music separation.

The next impression is the neutrality. The vocal of Ingram Washington and Livingston Taylor becomes so natural, not too heavy, not too light. The instruments like piano also got more “tones” here. And I don’t notice any reduction in low frequency, although I change from 13.6uF (2×6.8uF Obbligato Oil Capacitors) to 0.94uF (2×0.47uF VCap TFTF).

I continue the test with Autumn Leaves from Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio. The first tone with the piano definitely impress me! The detail of the bass instrument also improve a lot. The I can feel the speed and how “dynamic” (read: the musician’s “spirit”) when playing another glorious track, “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”.

If on my previous mod here with 3.3uF/1200VDC MCap Supreme, I got impression on the high frequency tones, but less weight or neutrality in vocal and low frequency tones, but now with VCap TFTF, I could get them all. I just can’t wait to listen all of my previous-already familiar collections. I will compare later with cheap Russian Teflon like FT3. But for now, just give me time to enjoy the night with some tracks 😉

Finally, I know where to “throw” those VCap TFTF… to the Power Supply section.