It’s been awhile since my last mod of Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player here, here, and here. Now, it’s time for more fun. I plan to reclock the DVD Player with TentLabs XO2 reclock module.

The first and most tempting job is to find the servo processor pin out which connected to the original oscillator.

Here is the “poor’s man x-ray” photo 😉 Well, it’s not a real x-ray actually. I just take a picture with strong light (you can use light/LED torch) on the other side of the PCB. By doing this, we will be able to see the lines on the PCB. The PCB is two layer through hole. So it may have connection both on the top and bottom side.


The zoomed version. Now I can see it clearly 😉

The two red markings are the capacitors, while the two blue markings are the resistors. We need to remove some of this parts before we could install the new clock, such TentLabs XO2.


The original clock schematic should be like picture below. I take it from somewhere on the net, not specifically for Toshiba SD-2960. As you can see, we have 2 resistors and 2 capacitors there. The output from the servo processor (the Zoran) will be connected to the original 27 MHz oscillator via 2 resistors. Then the oscillator will have 1 capacitor on each lead, connected to Ground.


Below, I take the guide from Tent Labs XO2 mounting guide. Actually, this is a general rule for installing new clock on any CD/DVD Player, not just for Tent Labs product. The schematic may be different a little bit, but the basic information should be the same.

Basically, you need to remove two capacitors (the two marked with red markings, check previous picture). Then you just need to feed the clock signal from your new clock (purple lead from Tent Labs XO2). The black lead from XO2 will be connected to ground. On our case, like I’ve mentioned before, the servo processor is the “big” Zoran (check first picture on the top of this page).


Here is the Tent Labs XO2 reclock module, running at 27 MHz (just good enough for my Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player). The purple and black leads are the clock injector which we have mentioned before.


The original clock of Toshiba SD-2960. It will no longer be there… Sorry that I have to dismiss you.


I haven’t finished the reclock project yet, because I need to borrow hot air soldering machine to remove the original oscillator. Just wait for a while, and I will finish it.

So next project is to install new clock and add a tube buffer (directly from the Burr Brown TI1751 DAC/will bypass the output opamp).