After over 2 month of laziness, finally I finish the tiring job, soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate F Series for my Gainclone Power Supply.

Well, practically, this is not only for Gainclone. The design will be quite modular, as described below:

  • Dual rail design, for positive and negative
  • Each filtered with 30 pcs Black Gate F Series 680uF/65V (around 20.400uF total capacitance each rail)
  • Choke Input Design
  • Main rectifier is 4xMUR860 (600V, 8A)
  • Snubberized Design with Mills Resistor and Russian PIO/Teflon Capacitor

With 65V working voltage of the capacitor, this modular power supply could be use for many purpose. Let’s say, a MOSFET project? 😉

Well, as I’ve told you. I love a “neat” design. So cosmetic should be one of my main consideration. I use small fabric cloth to cover all the capacitor leads. All capacitor connected via a thick 2.5mm copper wire, wrapped with its standard “heat-proof” insulation.

The final appearance of my Black Gate troops. I just need to add the MUR860, choke, and Snubber parts. Oh well, we’ll see when I have extra free time to do this.