Still remember the extreme capacitors battle? Well, we need to break-in those capacitors first for a fair judgement. So here it is. I don’t have much time to break-in those capacitors. Around 2-3 hours/night for next 2-3 weeks. I think this should be fine 😉

All those capacitors stacked together:

  • Duelund CAST 1uF/630V
  • VCap 0.47uF/600V
  • Jensen Copper Foil 0.47uF/630V
  • Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube 0.47uF/630V
  • Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil 0.47uF/1200V
  • Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil 1uF/1200V

All soldered together with WBT Silver Solder, connected to my Aikido via Silver Teflon interconnect. I use white cable heat shrink to cover all the leads (and for safety reason). This leads carry half of B+ or around 130VDC. Enough to shock you if touched.

All those capacitors connected together on my Aikido. Well, they have a long way to go before we can let them fight each other 😉