Just returned from a tired yet “deadly poisonous” DIY Gathering. We held an extra session with RGN 1054 Mesh Plate Rectifier and Duelund Capacitor installed on Aikido Pre-Amplifier (6N1P and 6N6P tubes). Before, the Aikido used Obbligato Capacitor bypassed with K72 Russian Teflon and 5U4G-B Sovtek Rectifier.

The result of this “simple” modification? A deadly Aikido Pre-Amplifier, even dare to compare with DHT Pre-Amplifier. Sweet, liquid, transparent, tight bass, and excellent speed. If before you have to choose between speed/dynamic (Aikido) and sweet vocal (most DHT), now you can get both on this!!!

Absolutely amazing. The test system supported with Audio Aero Capitole CD Player and 17W Class A MOSFET DIY Amplifier.