After some “crazy” capacitors here, I keep adding some more items on my collections. I call it, rest of my life collections.

First, some N and NX series Black Gate. Best located at tube Cathode/Feedback position, since it’s only rated at 6.3V. Nasty and lazy 200 hours break-in time is killing me 🙂

Ah my new long awaited collection, the Duelund Carbon/Silver Resistor. Best used at speaker crossover. Unique design and quite expensive. Before I prefer Mills on crossover, but we’ll see how this will perform against Mills.

I need small transformer to power up my TentLabs Reclock Module. Made by Hammond, rated 8V@700mA (dual secondaries in parallel) or 16V@350mA (dual secondaries in series). Silent, small, PCB Mount, and no need the usage of extra shielding.

Aha, some said Jensen 4-pole could eliminate extra noise due to the separation of “input” and “output” (4-pole design). We’ll see… This 470uF/450VDC should be fine for my B+ filtering.

Smaller rating, 10.000uF/63VDC, for solid state like Gainclone. Anybody?

This is for my DHT Filament. Could this lower my hum? Again, we’ll see…

Classic MKP1837, good for bypassing. I use it for diode bypassing instead of my WIMA.

For future 845/211 project. Giant Solen MKP 51uF rated at 1500VDC!!!

Some Mundorf Supreme for AC Filter purpose. Note the long size of 8.2uF version compared with “small-fat” 6.8uF version.

A little bit “strange” 1000VDC rating, but this claimed to be “self healing” capacitor was caught my eyes.

Premium line up from Mundorf, the Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil. Used as coupling capacitor off course.

I also collect some other parts, like Resistors (from Kiwame to Riken and Shinkoh) and Tubes. Will post it later 😉