Although Guido from TentLabs said his XO2 Reclock Module already equipped with “enough” power supply filtering, but I insist to use extra regulator. Double filtering should be better than one (I hope so).

So here is a regulator module from Taiwan.

The PCB is called Mini Regulator. I bought it from a person named Coffin in Nice built PCB, double layer with good layout.

I have free time this afternoon, so I decide to solder it with some components from my drawer. The first is the diodes. I use Vishay Telefunken SF5407 as primary rectification part.

Some people uses WIMA 10nF to bypass the rectifier to remove any “ringing” effect. But this time I use MKP 1837, old-classic capacitors. Hope it will sound good!

Top view from the MKP 1837 stacked on the Telefunken SF5407.

This regulator uses some SMD parts. Well, I haven’t practiced SMD soldering for long time, but I have to admit that I’m still good at it 😉 I mean, I’m not that bad…

The half completed PCB. I will need to get some Resistors and Capacitors. The plan is to use Kiwame 2W (I like its green color) and combination of Black Gate FK, NX, and some Rubycon ZA/ZL or Cerafine. The initial test will use OPA134, but I plan to upgrade to OPA627. Hope the PCB could match the speed of OPA627.

Keep in touch, I will post the result later.