I plan to separate my system volume control with dedicated passive preamp. Before, I planned to take one attenuator from Goldpoint but due to some reason, I changed my mind and took one from DACT.

A stepped attenuator has advantage over typical potentiometer, especially for sound quality and attenuation precision. But do mind that most attenuator is expensive.

Beautiful SMD resistor soldered to set 100 KOhm with 24 steps or 60dB attenuation. This is not an Apollo or Borg space ship from Star Trek.

As interconnect, I have prepared Kimber Kable TCSS 19AWG as below 😉

And some Kimber Kable MST-CU (Two Clear/One White, braided 25 AWG solid core, Hyper-pure-Cu with pure V-Teflon dielectric). Sounds delicious 😉

All soldered with my “standard” WBT solder. My favorite, clean and transparent sound.