Monthly Archives: June 2009

Aikido PreAmp + RGN Rectifier + Duelund = Poison!

Just returned from a tired yet “deadly poisonous” DIY Gathering. We held an extra session with RGN 1054 Mesh Plate Rectifier and Duelund Capacitor installed on Aikido Pre-Amplifier (6N1P and...... Read More

Mini Regulator Continued…

I will continue my journey assembling the Mini Regulator. Now it’s the time for easiest part, the resistors and capacitors. To be honest, it’s not that easy – I mean,...... Read More

Mini Regulator for TentLabs XO2 Reclock Module

Although Guido from TentLabs said his XO2 Reclock Module already equipped with “enough” power supply filtering, but I insist to use extra regulator. Double filtering should be better than one...... Read More

Some More “Deadly” Collections

After some “crazy” capacitors here, I keep adding some more items on my collections. I call it, rest of my life collections. First, some N and NX series Black Gate....... Read More

Passive Preamp with DACT Stepped Attenuator

I plan to separate my system volume control with dedicated passive preamp. Before, I planned to take one attenuator from Goldpoint but due to some reason, I changed my mind...... Read More

TentLabs XO2 @ 27 MHz

I need some touch for my old Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player. So here is the TentLabs XO2 @ 27 MHz, a perfect yet affordable reclock solution for my wallet. This...... Read More

Be Prepared for Extreme Capacitors Battle

Most of the time, money could buy anything – except time (and sometime, love 😉 ). Like this Duelund CAST-PIO capacitor. You have the money, but you have to wait...... Read More