Monthly Archives: May 2009

Basic Amplifier Mods for Dummies

I have received so many emails asking about how to do the mods. Why I do this? Why I do that? Etc… Ok, I will spend my lazy evening to...... Read More

More… Asus Xonar U1 Mods

After around 20 hours testing of my previous Asus Xonar U1 Mods, I think I need to add some more mods here. I have some plans here: Old Blu-Tack tricks...... Read More

Asus Xonar U1 Midnight Mods Session

Yesterday, it was at 00:00 am at the morning and I just couldn’t close my eyes. I’ve planned to mod my Asus Xonar U1, but never thought I would do...... Read More

Nippon Chemi-con RWE 820uF/550VDC

I digged my old boxes and found this old vintage capacitor, Nippon Chemicon RWE 820uF/550VDC. Very big in size (a little bit bigger than my ASC 40uF/440VAC and surely a...... Read More