It’s time for Single Ended amplifier benchmarking session. Located at Bakmi Margonda, Sarinah, Indonesia.

Here is some shoot from the event. The system was very simple, Tannoy speaker, Audio Aero Capitole CDP, and AirTight 300B as Reference Amplifier.

The expensive and luxurious Audio Aero Capitole CD Player.

Also the expensive Air Tight 300B as reference amplifier. WE 300B tubes there. Good looking amplifier with good looking sound. We called it “mature sounded amplifier”.

Below is the contenders, just enjoy the photo. I don’t remember exactly the tubes, but most of them were 300B, 2A3, and EL34. Oh we also got 1000 Volt 211 tube here! HOT!!!

New tubes 206 from TJ. It’s expensive, combined with chassis imported from HK.

VT62 brown base and Mullard GZ37 rectifier.

Vintage Volt Meter there 😉

EL34 anybody?

2A3 in classic wooden chassis. I think the chassis combination is not really matched with the metal plate 😉

Another EL34?

300B I think. Good copper color, but the transformer box should have “more rounded” corner, to give more “dynamic and modern” style.

Of course, another 300B 🙂

The mighty 211 tubes with 1000 Volt rectifier and 4700uF x 3 capacitors to provide >1000Volt rectification. Superb chassis design and very powerful “HOT” sound. This one also got best design award, although didn’t manage to get the best sound trophy.

So many transformer boxes there. I think they separate the filament power and or use interstage? Further details not yet received.

6B4G tubes, variation of 2A3.

2E24 tubes with Mercury 83 rectifier. Hey, where is the transformer box? 😉

Umm… I didn’t really remember this one… 🙁

Yeah, another 300B…

Another EL34…

Made from used box of old equipment I think… Sorry, didn’t remember the details.

Another 2A3 from Gunawan.

One of well made and neat classic design.

The winner was Cahyo’s 2A3 (1st place), Ado’s 2E24 (2nd place), and Gunawan’s 2A3 (3rd place).

Best chassis design was awarded to Ayung’s 211.