Being a perfectionist is not easy (and not cheap). Still remember my ambitious project before? I want to make it perfect, so let’s start the 1st phase, testing the capacitor (I mean, the Black Gate) 😉

I will use 60 Black Gate capacitors on the power supply. First 30 pcs for positive rail, and another 30 pcs for negative rail. I want both rails have similar capacitance (or as similar as possible). So first capacitor on positive rail will have similar capacitance value on first capacitor on negative rail. Too perfectionist?

I need to know exactly the capacitance of each Black Gate. You know that every capacitor has around 10% tolerance. So when it’s written 680uF, it may vary between 680-68 or 680+68. Who knows? The meter knows.

I write down all the values one by one on a piece of paper in the form of 10×6 matrix. Then, I sort it one by one (well, with the help of Microsoft Excel). It takes few minutes to accomplish this simple task with Excel. Below is the sorted value.

Now we start the “game” to put the Black Gate in correct position. Move move move!!!

Task accomplished! Both channel will have similar capacitance.