After previous trip to “trash bin” shop, now it’s the time to test it 😉 So I open my old Knight 600 Tube Tester and fire it up.

Picture below shows my Knight 600 testing Amperex 6BQ5/EL84 tube. Not bad! No short or what-so-ever.

Below picture shows my old Knight 600 Tube Tester. I need to calibrate and do some restoration project, later… Time is an expensive things right now. I don’t have many 🙁

It was made for US electricity, so we are playing with 110V. I need to power up my step down transformer  (we use 220V here).

The Knight 600 is testing my Amperex 6BQ5/EL84 tube. Well, not a bad result. The Gas Test (not shown) also produces good reading. The bright yellow square is the roll-chart, backlighted with neon to give vintage sensation (they did the very good job).

The roll chart of Knight 600, lighted with neon backlight. Produces a “old/vintage” sensation.

My GE 12AU7. I just love to take photo of various tubes, to see how does it light.

My favorite shoot, 0A2 (similar with 0D3). This 150V (VR150) voltage regulator produce “cute” purple color.