It was a nice session at DWA’s house located at Bintaro. We held a long session, from morning to night, from amplifier, preamp, DAC, to speaker. The event was started with a lunch 😉

This time, we had several special guest, welcome Mr. Atok and Mr. Handy who came from Bandung with some of their equipments (like “classic” BC preamp and special DAC with AD chip and 11 separate Power Supply).

As usual, we were evaluating the sonic performance of each equipment. That time, we used song from Waldjinah (Putri Solo). Was a classic and well recorded Kroncong music performed by Waldjinah. Then, song from Mozart (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) and Norah Jones also used.

Strange and unique amplifier. Sorry I didn’t take closer shoot.

We had 6 finalists with different amplifier and style.

We took photo together, as usual. This reflected the great brotherhood in Indonesia DIY group.

We continued the event with preamp, DAC, and speaker audition. By doing this, we could evaluate and benchmark the performance of our own creation. Well, we had lot homework…

Speakers audition. We had at least 4 pairs of speakers to be auditioned.

Mr. Atok with short crash course of CLIO and impedance measurement. We got free impedance measurement of our speaker by him. Mosf of us (DIYers) used ears when tweaking our creation. Mr. Atok showed that we could use sophisticated equipment to easier our life – and to show whether we had took wrong direction or not.

The expensive CLIO used to measure the impedance of the speakers.

That was a really nice session. Thanks for the hospitality of Mr. DWA (the photo on this page also courtesy of him). Hope to held similar event again in the future.