I’m thinking of… a full Black Gate Power Supply 😉

Well, it’s not a dream since I have enough Black Gate F Series stock on hand. One value only, 680uF/65V. I need to use at least 10 pcs each (symmetrical power supply, remember? We are not talking tube, this is chip-amp project!). So total is at least 20 pcs. The troops are ready!

Other important thing is the main transformer. This is DIY, custom order transformer. I think it’s rated at least 4A. Big size and heavy! I don’t think she will have any problem to power up my LM1875. Oh, I will paint her a little bit. A pink color? or black? What do you think? 😉

This Sunday, after playing with my Gainclone project a little bit (and some tweaks to my Vifa speaker), I also buy two funny plants for my mom. Nothing special here, no audio related, just enjoy both photos below.