Was a tough and tiring Friday. I want to listen some music (but I need to tweak some). Ok, fire up my iron and start to cook it right away.

If you don’t have any idea about my DIY speaker, feel free to visit here and here.

Ok, basically I just add 0.47uF K40Y-9 capacitor on my high pass filter. Current configuration is a little bit too bright on the tweeter, so I need to lower the F3 of my high pass filter. So here it is…

The high pass is 2rd order, combination of Siemens PIO and K40Y-9. Also Sfernice resistor used there. The inductor is Alpha Core Foil Inductor. Bought it few years ago, not the price is getting high and higher!

Just another shoot from another other side.

Poor’s man system. A hi-fi amplifier with “tweaked” iPod as source. Oh and an big bowl of instant noodle as dinner 😉 It sounds (and tastes) good!