Actually, I don’t do iPod. But just for fun, why not?

This is actually an “old” audio tweak, by using this “stuff” below. You can buy it at local bookstore.

This removable adhesive could be place above your components, like capacitor, resistor, or even DAC and Crystal (Clock). The effect? Taste yourself, as I did on my iPod below.

Actually, for serious listener, I prefer solution from Marigo with its VTS Tuning Dot (the result is amazing, I’ve been there). This little dot from Marigo could cost you around US$ 3 (minimum, depends on the size), but the result is very significant (the layer and separation is better and the music is more “musical”). But since this tweak is just for fun, so it’s done with a cheap Tack-It from Faber-Castell.

Try yourself.

Added 19 January 2009:

After few hours testing last night, I have to admit this mod tame the high frequency quite a lot. Well, the vocal becomes warmer, but slightly too warm IMO. Something must be done wrong 😉

I decide to open the iPod again. Remove all the Tack-It adhesive and start checking the iPod PCB layout again. Hmm… after few minutes checking the layout, I decide to give a new try.

The red circles on the photo below are my old tweak which produced too warm sound for my taste. The green circles are the new tweak that I want to try. FYI, the right green is the WM8975 CODEC, while the left green (2) should be the clock.

I check the other side of the PCB. Well, I find another clock. Why don’t we try this also?

Finally, I put extra kapton-tape to prevent the adhesive to touch the brown ribbon cable (simply for the cosmetic issue). So it’s done! Let’s put all them back.

Another simple test continued with “Falling in Love with Love” (Audiophile Reference II CD), “What a Different a Day Makes” (Ingram Washington), and “Tears in Heaven” (Ayako Hosokawa). Now the high and the details show up. The dynamic of the music also there, but without any sign of ear fatigue. Good then. For now, I will stick with this mod, before trying another one (if I have enough time). I also try my favorite track “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (Salena Jones). Overall, this cheap mod could make me listen to this iPod a little bit longer.

But I do really need those Marigo VTS Tuning Dot! I still miss some musicality here… or it has been the limitation of the iPod?

Added 19 July 2009:

I receive a ping back from Head-Fi. Some considered as placebo, but one has tried a heard the different. My suggestion, just try it before you speak. With expensive and high quality equipment owned by most Head-Fi members, I don’t think it takes a genius to hear the different.