From my previous Aikido project, I’m still thinking of improvement of my B+ PSU. Well, I still hear a small hum. There are several possibilities to be tried, but I’m thinking of improving my B+ PSU first. If it fails, then I will think another way πŸ˜‰

From the LC-LC filter used before, I’m moving into a more filtering. Well, I’m talking about another stage of LC, creating LC-LC-LC filter. Previously, I used two Samhwa 220uF/500VDC capacitors. It’s a nice price/performance capacitor – I have to admit that. But, I need to change into a higher level (to see how much the improvement).

First I remove two Samhwa capacitors. It was a tiring job to remove those two capacitors (phewww). Then, I change the first capacitor with Korean “Motor Run” Oil Capacitor (60uF/400VAC), second capacitor with Mundorf M-Lytic 560uF/400VDC, then finally with another Korean “Motor Run” Oil Capacitor (40uF/400VAC).

Well, don’t ask me why I use this Korean “Motor Run” Oil Capacitor. It’s simply because I have no budget. If you have enough bucks in your pocket, go with ASC Oil Capacitor then πŸ˜€

Another shoot of my new B+ PSU. As you can see, currently I’m using 3 chokes and 3 capacitors. I hate to admit that using more than 2 chokes will put enough headache in terms of the placement. As you can see, I don’t put all those 3 chokes on same “direction”. It becomes a basic rule (and already proven) that you shouldn’t put chokes on same “direction” or they will affect each others.

Since I don’t have more spaces, I put an small acrylic on the top of my choke, then I put the capacitors on the top of it. My oh my, Jimmy you are so nuts!

Oh, I’m planning to add bypass capacitor at each Oil Capacitors. The bypass should be K72 Russian Teflon Capacitor 0.033uF/500VDC. But I need to hear the initial impression first without the bypass. Anyway, I just can’t imagine how “ugly” those Oil Capacitor if I add another big bypass Capacitor πŸ™

Zoomed version. An acrylic above the Choke, holding two big Oil Capacitors. Also, you can see 3 Chokes mounted in different direction and one Mundorf M-Lytic HV 560uF/400VDC.

The overall picture of my Aikido with new B+ PSU. Become ugly and uglier πŸ˜€ Thinking this size of chassis only for a Pre-Amp.

An extra shoot of the output coupling Capacitors. The black is Mundorf M-Lytic 560uF/400VDC (same with the one used in my B+ PSU). The gold is 6.8uF/630VDC Obbligato Gold Premium Capacitor. Finally the silver is 0.033uF/500VDC K72 Russian Teflon Capacitor.

I used the Mundorf because I plan to use this Pre-Amp for my headphone. With 32 Ohm load of my Grado, then I need a big coupling capacitor to make sure I will get enough bass (at least 300uF). I don’t have enough option at this value, so here is the Mundorf. But simply to say, as an electrolytic, this capacitor sounds above average!