Finally, I put my Aikido Pre Amp on the chassis. Well, was a tough job since normally I didn’t do such thing (e.g. putting my DIY work on “little bit” neat chassis).

I separated inside the chassis into 3 chambers. The first one was for the main transformer, the second was for the power supply unit, and the last one was for the Pre Amp parts itself. I used 5 mm MDF wood covered with thick aluminum foil. The foil then grounded to minimize the interference.

Actually, I planned to put this Pre Amp to the Blind Test Session last week. But, the White Cathode Follower used in my Pre Amp seemed have some trouble when connected to higher impedance load (e.g. the input volume control on amplifier). I need to check it to find and confirm the problem later.

The power supply section. I plan to add one more LC stage. Also want to change the capacitor with my Mundorf M-Lytic capacitor. Later… 😉 I’m too lazy now.