Monthly Archives: October 2008

My Aikido Preamp with Standard Components

Well, I have one week holiday and I’m almost dead because of doing nothing. Since I have a pair of Aikido 9-pin Preamp PCB, why don’t I build one? The...... Read More

Basic Electricity Ground Testing

Well, I have been involved in a discussion in a local forum and surprisingly, many people don’t understand about grounding. It will take a long paper to discuss about grounding...... Read More

Some Old Tubes

I manage to collect some old “not common” tubes as below 🙂... Read More

A Shoot of My Aikido Preamp

Just take a shoot of my Aikido Preamp (6N1P, 6N6P, and 5U4C/5Z4 rectifier). Will upload the details later. Enjoy this cute pics. Beautiful, isn’t it?... Read More