Well, I need a big-capacitance high-quality capacitor to drive my headphone amplifier (we are talking 200-500uF capacitance and at least 400VDC working voltage). I don’t have too many choices (or perhaps no choice at all!). So I would go with this Unlytic Film Capacitor.

Yes I could go with Electrolytic capacitor but the sound would be not at my expected level.

So I welcome “The Giant” Unlytic capacitor 🙂 Want to know how big is it? Keep reading.

First comparison, I use standard AA battery. How tiny are you? I mean the AA battery. The Unlytic itself measured around 75mm (diameter) and 155mm (height).

Another comparison with my RCA 5U4 Rectifier Tube and 2 smaller tube (I forgot the number). And off course with a standard AA battery 😉

Two twin towers for my next headphone amplifier project. Based on my calculation, with 290uF and 32 Ohm of my Grado, I could get the low down to 17 Hz. Hmm… not bad I think. For normal 50KOhm load, I could go as low as 0.0109817702613661 Hz!

I wonder how to put it on my chassis… Oh well, we will think it later… 🙂