After Elna, BlackGate, and M-Lytic, now it’s time for the Obbligato. My order just arrived yesterday. I bought three types of Obbligato available on the market.

The picture above is the Obbligato Copper Case Aluminum Film Caps. The case is solid copper with soldered copper lead out wires and individually wrapped. The aluminum film is imported from Germany. All measure very close to rated value, max 5% but typically 1-2%. Wound tight, no voids gives a very transparent, smooth sound.

This capacitors looked beautiful with the solid copper case. Looked expensive, heavy, and well designed capacitors.

The second one is the Premium Polypropylene Film Capacitors in Non-Magnetic Case. Values are laser etched into the surface (cool!). Pure copper soldered lead out wires. This capacitors looked professional and expensive (yes, it’s the top of the line of Obbligato, but still cheaper than others – let’s say: Auricap). I love the solid “steel” construction of this capacitors.

Finally, I never miss the oil capacitor. Since Obbligato also offers this kind of capacitor, then I should try it. This is the Obbligato Premium Film Oil Caps with solid lead out wires from one end (radial). The radial design sometimes makes it difficult to be used as coupling capacitor. But, it’s just “a little bit difficult”, not impossible 😉

I think I’ve got enough capacitors… time to play… 🙂