After here and here, well seems not enough, I have ordered some more components for my next DIY project. Just arrive today. The target is clear. This could be my last so should be my best DIY project. So, I’m gonna be serious… gotta be… 😉


A bunch of Elna Silmic, around 16.000+ uF each channel for heater power supply? Are you serious, Jimmy? 😉


Well, Jimmy seemed greedy. After Silmic, why not add some more filtering with… a bunch of Black Gate F Series. My oh my! Around 4000+ uF per channel.


A bunch of Kiwame. I can have it for signal and perhaps as bleeder resistor (see the right side, 100K/5W). A bleeder with Kiwame??? Are you nuts, Jimmy? Could be 😉


I’m still waiting for my Mundorf M-Lytic capacitors (expected to arrive by next week). But for backup, let’s get some Samwha High Voltage capacitor. Made in Korea. Not bad at all!


Holco precision Metal Film resistor. For what? Just for my LT1083 regulator. I need a very precise resistors. With 0.5-1% offered by Holco H2, I can’t get anywhere near that one (with its price tag).


So here is the bunch of all my newly arrival components. Will add some more near in the future. Need to make it complete before I can finish my “could be the last” DIY project 😉