My custom power transformers have just arrived. Like on my previous post, I plan to use 4 power transformer for my next Aikido project (two Heaters and two High Voltage). So here is the stuff 😉


The first line above is the High Voltage power transformer (primary on 220V, secondary on 200V, 220V, 230V, 250V, 5V , and 7.5V). I have extra heater’s secondary in case I don’t want to use the additional transformer. The High Voltage itself rated at 200mA, while the 5V/7.5V rated at 3A.

The second line above is the Heater power transformer (primary on 220V, secondary at 5 and 7.5V). Rated at 3A. So, I completely separate the Heater and High Voltage power transformer, resulted in 4 power transformer for this project.