Due to parts shortage on some components, I can’t complete the assembly of my DIY project. So I just write down the idea on my scratch book. Here is the plan.


For the filament/heater supply, I plan to use LT1083 regulator. It is a good regulator for audio compared with the LM (78xx) or LM 3xx series. The first capacitor should be NOS Elna Silmic 2200uF (should be 4 or 5 in parallel). Then, a 1 Ohm/10W resistor should be place in series. Then another parallel filter with BlackGate F Series 680uF. At the end, LT1083 will do the final regulation to provide exact 6-6.3 VDC (depends on my divider resistor).

I use dual mono design for filament and also dual mono for high tension (B+). For each channel, I need around 1.6 Ampere filament power. I use custom power transformer rated at 7.5 VAC and 3 Ampere.

For high tension B+ voltage. I will have two versions.

The 1st is the “affordable” version. The first filtering should be done by Solen 22uF/630Volt. The a 11Henry Choke will be used in series. Then, two China brand Samhwa capacitors will be used to provide advanced filtering (with 100K/5W bleeder resistor for safety reason). Finally, 100uF Mallory NOS capacitor (also with bleeder capacitor) will provide the final stage filtering.

The 2nd is the “premium” version. This one is simpler, but equipped with higher quality components. The first filtering should be done by Solen 22uF, but the second stage (after the Choke), will be done by Mundorf M-Lytic caps (custom made, 560uF). Bleeder resistor will be used again for safety and prolong my capacitor’s life.

Well, I hope it’s not an overkill design 😉 But I have already decided to set up this good power supply (though it may be a little bit expensive). Why? In the future, I can re-use it for my others pre-amp project (and I don’t have to set up new power supply module again).

All the diodes are Vishay Avalanche SF5407 or Motorola MUR860.