Well, this is a surprise news for me (at first). A “Made in America” PCB? Seriously?

Few months ago, my friend introduced me to TubeCAD (and finally led me to John Broskie). Actually, I knew his TubeCAD Journal and even his famous TubeCAD software 1-2 years ago (or more). But at that time, I didn’t have any interest on such technical things (like Broskie’s journals). Until finally, I heard his Aikido pre-amplifier and quite stunned how come a simple pre-amplifier (with cheap components) could lead into magical sound! Then I changed my mind and started to read some of Mr. Broskie’s journal.

My interest in some of his articles led me into a personal communications via e-mail (well, I do enjoy the modern technology, I wonder if I should send him an ordinary air mail to ask about his article – it will take years before I can get myself answered! With e-mail, within a night – due to different time zone, almost all of my questions could get the answers).

Finally, I decided to order his Aikido 9pin Mono PCB. John sent the package via express mail. It arrived around 2 days but due to custom issue, I accepted in around 5-6 days. Still quite a fast delivery 😉

Here is the PCB. Dual sides, plated-through 2 oz copper traces. Don’t forget that both sides are silk-screened.


You can see below that the quality and detail are amazing! Proudly and expensively made in America, right John? 🙂


The PCB is 4×6″ with 0.094″ thick (or 2.3876 mm). It’s even better than the most Taiwanese PCB (usually most audio PCBs are made in Taiwan and the quality is also very good). If I could rate the most Taiwanese PCB as “excellent”, then I have to rate this one as “superb”!

At first, most of us may consider the US$ 24 price tag for one mono PCB is a little bit too much. But after you see yourself the quality of this PCB, then I should say that you are very generous Mr. Broskie. PS: You can even get more discount if you buy more than 5 PCBs.


I enjoy the quality of this PCB. Thick, solid, and seriously built and designed PCB. Excellent copper traces and copper through-hole quality. Silk-screen on both side also and advantage if you want to create “extraordinary” design (tubes on the top and components on the back side maybe?)


I found an “extra” PCB on the package. This John “generous” Broskie sent me a special, not yet released PCB. I think he will post it in his online store within few days/weeks. Just want and check his online store.

I only could give some “small clue” with the photo below. Hope you don’t mind, John 😉