European Triode Festival (ETF) has been a yearly event for several years (since 2000, I think). It’s an event where (most likely) all vacuum tube lover will gather from around the world. And off course, all are DIY product, from amplifier to speaker (even turntable also).

Beside listening music, they also held some seminars. You can see, hear, and meet famous name like Jean Hiraga, Morgan Jones, Lynn Olson, Per Lundahl (Lundahl Transformers), Brian Sowther (Sowther Transformers), Steve Bench, Guido Tent (Tentlabs), Allen Wright (VSE), Peter van Willenswaard (Stereophile), Pieter Treurniet (Tribute Transformers), Tim de Paravicini (EAR/YOSHINO) and John Boskie (TubeCAD).

DHTRob has a very nice shoot. I Googled around and I picked some photos from ETF 2007 and published here. Please visit his site to see more or Google around to find more.


1 KiloWatt (1000 Watt) Push Pull Amplifier by Andre Klein (4 x 100TH as driver, 4 x 380Tube as power), special Output Transformer made by STS Millerioux (France). B+ is set at 5000 Volt (as shown on the photo below)!!! Totally crazy!


Well, with 5000 Volt B+, you have to make sure that you will not make any mistake 😉

Ugh, I consider 1000 Volt is high and scary enough… Now they are playing with 5000 Volt?


The back side of this “giant” amplifier. I believe you need very special equipment to handle this 5000 Volt B+ and very custom made Output Transformer (OPT).


Bosch MP capacitor rated at 6.3 uF and 3.15 KiloVolt.


The beautiful white lights of Thoriated Tungsten. Sigh… They are beautiful but also lethal 🙁


Another shoot of the beautiful but lethal Thoriated Tungsten.

And also some other pictures here below…


JAN-CIM-100TH EIMAC tube. Again and again, beautiful tube but very dangerous. If I can recall my memories correctly, the DC Plate voltage should be around 1500-2500 Volt (max)!


The EIMAC was used a headphone amplifier. A 1500-2500 Volt for your ears? 😉


Very neat, beautiful, and state-of-the-art finish.


All has shiny steel and neat finish.


A giant horn speaker, should be quite sensitive. Well, most of the amplifier shown here are high wattage. I don’t think they need high sensitivity speaker like above, right? But don’t forget the dual woofer on the bottom of the speaker. They will need a lot of power, though.


I always impressed with their project, just like above. They prefer to use PCB, but they arrange the components inside in very neat and well positioned way. So, it’s not just a good sounding things, but also good looking parts.


Oh well, some also prefer not to use box 😉


No time to put all these things inside the box, gentlemen? 😉


A very strange project? A lot of chips on the top right. And see those fatty AudioNote caps.


This event was closed with a live music. All were singing, dancing, and playing instruments. And off course, they would use tube amplifier and connected it to DIY monitor speaker. Really this 3 days 4 nights event was a tube lover party!