Monthly Archives: June 2008

Tube Heater and B+ Power Supply Plan

Due to parts shortage on some components, I can’t complete the assembly of my DIY project. So I just write down the idea on my scratch book. Here is the...... Read More

Some Components for My New Project

Hmm.. Today I receive some components which I’ve been waiting for 😉 Can’t wait to assembly it… BlackGate, Orange Drop, Sprague, Mallory, Wima FKP, Riken RMG, Vishay L6C, and Kiwame....... Read More

PCB Made in America

Well, this is a surprise news for me (at first). A “Made in America” PCB? Seriously? Few months ago, my friend introduced me to TubeCAD (and finally led me to...... Read More

European Triode Festival (ETF) 2007 Photos Gallery

European Triode Festival (ETF) has been a yearly event for several years (since 2000, I think). It’s an event where (most likely) all vacuum tube lover will gather from around...... Read More

Aluminum Foil to Wrap Your PC Power Supply Cable

I was involved in the discussion about “Good PC Power Supply“. Then, I suggested a small trick to wrap the power supply cable with aluminum foil (you can find it...... Read More