I was on trip to Shanghai on March 2008 and here is some photos πŸ˜‰


You can call it a “Motel”, but it has over 20 floors. It’s the Motel168. The famous name for “affordable” hotel in Shanghai.


The Motel168 at night. I love the lights.

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The view of a department store at Dong Chang.


Another shoot taken at Dong Chang Road.


Royal Le Meridien Hotel, near Nanjing Road and Shanghai No. 1 Department Store.


Another shoot of Le Royal Meridien Hotel.


Nanjing Road walking area. Very famous and good view at night. Sadly I need to return earlier, so couldn’t take night shoot.


The famous Shanghai No. 1 Department Store.


Errr… I forgot about the name of the building above. An IT mall I think…


The night view at Huang Pu river. Beautiful! I visited it around 23.00 and the temperature was around 3 degree Celcius. Cold!


The TV Tower, I think. Also very beautiful at night.


I need to drink some to warm my body. The taste wasn’t as good as my expectation.


Eat a lot… eat a lot…


What a big dinner πŸ˜‰


The last photo above was taken with my O2 Exec camera. What a poor shoot πŸ™ I took Cathay Pacific and on the connecting flight to Shanghai from Hong Kong, I used Dragonair. They provide a cup of HÀagen-Dazs (and you could pick your flavor also – if available). Yummy! Not surprisingly, if this Dragonair won some awards πŸ˜‰