Well, I received this old Treo 600 from my friend (Bugzy Khu). I bought it very cheap 😉 But off course the price could describe the condition. Broken antenna and no sound problem (except if the 2.5mm jack plugged in). See the funny photo below.


Should I live with it? C’mon… It’s not a NGage!

I searched around and found some interesting article related with this Treo common failure. Finally, I came up with conclusion that I have to warm up my soldering iron and do some dirty job with it 😉


Photo above is my WBT 4% silver solder. Well, I didn’t see any use of using such expensive silver solder. But I would use my expensive soldering iron (specialized for my audio hobby). I would not make it dirty with cheap solder, so I have to use my WBT silver solder.


The surgery was too easy. You just need to connect two point on the headphone/headset jack. See below photo for more detail.


Just connect two points (on the red circle). Make sure both are connected (I just connected the pins on yellow box). It took no more than 10 seconds to make it happened 😉

Plugged all the cases back and your Treo would serve you perfectly!