Artist: SKRUK and Rim Banna
Album: Krybberom
Publisher: Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Recording Technology:

About this album:
Rim Banna is a popular Palestine singer. One of her famous album is “Mirror of My Soul” used as reference by many audiophile, due to excellent quality recording and excellent Rim Banna “emotional transfer” of pain and loneliness inside. We might not understand what she is saying (Arabic lyrics), but her voice could “translate” the lyrics into enjoyable song. That’s the magic!

Krybberom (2003) actually older that the popular “Mirror of My Soul” (2005), but still interesting to be discussed. Rim Banna works together with SKRUK (Norwegian art ensemble) to create a fascinating album, Krybberom. This album, most of them, are talking about Nativity (that explains the “baby mummy” photo on the front cover) with traditional song, culture, combined with great ensemble choir. If you ever hear “Now The Green Blade Riseth” album, then this Krybberom is most alike with it. But just the Krybberom sounds more sacred and “powerful”, instead the joyful in the “Now The Green Blade Riseth” album.

Most tracks of this CD are amazing. Combination between Rim Banna unique voice and ensemble/choir on the background could create an amazing soundstaging/layering on appropriate sound system. Most of the tracks are lacked of instruments, only some flygel (piano), bass, and percussion.

Check Track #4 “Stille Natt” or “Silent Night”, Track #7 “Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker”, and Track #14 “Ã… Kom NÃ¥ Med Frihet”. These three are my favorites, beside some track from “Mirror of My Soul” like “Sarah” (Track #13) and “Karavanelederen” (Track #9). All are new arranged with SKRUK. So if you ever heard the track before (like “Sarah” and Karavanelederen”), you will experience new environment in this album. Especially the choir and Rim Banna combination.

I will not explain more. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the music. Turn off the light a little bit. Feel the choir and Rim Banna on the center. Very recommended CD as your reference.

All I can say is Amazing! I love choir arrangement, like “Now The Green Blade Riseth”. So I see no reason why I shouldn’t love this album to. I have to agree that the choir has done a great job to create the “sacred atmospheric” in this album and Rim Banna like the angel who leads the choir behind her. Thanks to Tord Gustavsen who arranges it perfectly with SKRUK and Kirkelig Kulturverksted who creates great recording.

Sound Quality: 5 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4.75 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 5 of 5 stars.

Track list:
01. PÃ¥ Himlen Over Stallen
02. Hyrde, Bli Hos Meg I Natt
03. Folkefrelsar Til Oss Kom
04. De Hyrder Stirrer I Natten Ut (Del 1)
05. Stille Natt
06. Jeg Synger Julekvad
07. Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker
08. Jeg Har Ingenting Ã… Beskytte Ham Med
09. Karavanelederen
10. Her Kommer Dine Arme Små
11. Mor Fra Nasaret
12. De Hyrder Stirrer I Natten Ut (Del 2)
13. Sarah
14. Ã… Kom NÃ¥ Med Frihet