I just installed the trial version of Pocket Informant 8. Yes, I was the user of previous version of Pocket Informant. I thought this was the best PIM for Pocket PC. But after I tried the version 8, I couldn’t stop saying to myself that this version was even better!

Check the beautiful picture below (on my O2 Exec with VGA screen). Click the image for full resolution (640×480 pixels).


According to the vendor, there are many upgrades! Simply crazy!!!

I also notice speed improvement in this version. The “lag” when doing “hold-and-tap” that usually found in previous version now almost never happened. I do enjoy this one and recommend to be installed in every Pocket PC (and Smartphone)!

Below is the features from the vendor itself. Feel free to visit here to learn more. I will not explain more. Just try and you will love it. Trial download click here!

Pocket Informant 8 New Features

  • Smartphone Support! Now brings near feature parity to the Smartphone!
  • Events View Mark any task or appointment to be tracked and see how many days away it is. Track Birthdays, Anniversaries, Project Milestones, Vacations, and more!
  • Journal View View your journal by date or by its parent. Log your calls or meeting notes. Track billable hours. See all your journals in one easy convenient view!
  • Automatic Links Insert a contact name or phone number in the subject of a task or appointment and when you go to view it, they become clickable links!
  • Scalable User Interface Choose between 5 different user interface roles from “Pocket Outlook with Benefits”, through task or appointment focused roles, and up to “Power User” to quickly configure Pocket Informant to your needs and only show the menus, dialogs, and actions you want to see
  • 100% One Handed Interface Due to having one application for both Smartphone and Pocket PC devices, Pocket Informant 8 works fully in one handed mode. This shows up in all the dialogs, menus, and many other aspects of Pocket Informant including the completely redesigned main menus
  • Franklin Covey We’ve added support for Mission, Goals, and Compass/Roles
  • Filmstrip mode Designed especially for Landscape devices, the Month Filmstrip mode makes using the Month View far more productive
  • Incoming Call Journal Turn on the Incoming Call Journal and whenever an incoming phone call comes a new Journal will popup
  • Smoother Scrolling and Touch Finger scrolling and a Touch ABC side bar for Contacts
  • Many more! There are many new features all over the place in Pocket Informant 8 – try it out to see for yourself!


More Killer Features (just a sampling!)

  • Included Today PluginWindows Mobile Pocket PC versions now include a basic efficient appointment/task list Today plugin that integrates with Pocket Informant and supports category colors
  • Automatic Custom Views and CategoriesSetup your custom views or categories to automatically come on at work hours, off work hours, or a custom weekend/weekday time
  • Find all Appointments using this ContactQuickly list all appointments that have the selected appointment setup for meetings
  • Contact SearchesPocket Informant searches contact names quickly and shows you what part of the word was found via highlighting
  • Daily NotesAutomatic Rich Text Daily Journal which can sync with PlanPlus for Outlook 5.0*
  • Franklin Covey PlanPlus 5.0Daily, Master, and Project Task lists which work either with or without PlanPlus for Outlook 5.0* on the desktop
  • Task ProjectsTasks View’s Projects let you create parent tasks, child tasks, and have the parent tasks inherit its child tasks’ completion percentage and due dates
  • Task Percentage/StatusAssign tasks a status of Normal/Complete/In Process (w/percent complete)/Delegate lets you visualize progress of tasks
  • Journal with Rich Text and new fieldsCreate entries for meetings, phone calls, and more. Auto-journal events such as marking tasks complete or creation. Four journal timer macros. Sync to desktop Outlook*
  • New Contacts SummaryRevamped Contacts Summary with Call Logs (Phone Edition devices only) bringing one handed dialing, better readability, and live access via Preview Windows
  • Multiple Alarms, Travel AppointmentsBeyond the primary alarm, you can now add secondary alarms, notifications and travel appointments to new and existing appointments
  • Exchange GALOn Windows Mobile 5 AKU2 devices you can use the Online Exchange GAL to select attendees and add to your Contacts list
  • TimezonesCreate new appointments in their timezone easily
  • Seven Powerful ViewsEvents, Journal, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, and Search views. Appointment view broken into Agenda, Day, Week, Month, and Timeline Views
  • Category IconsEach category can have its own icon (company logos, avatars, or objects) to help you visualize your appointments, tasks, or contacts visually. Show them in your Month View for a great visualization of your schedule!
  • Category ColorAssign categories to your items and have their text or background colored. View Month bars and timebars throughout the Appointment views showing your schedule in color!
  • GroupingsGroup Tasks by completion, progress, priority, importance, category, and Date. Group Contacts by Company, Department, City, State, Country, and Category.
  • SortingSort your tasks with two levels of sort – Sort By and Then By. All fields sortable both in Calendar Tasks and Tasks View. Use Grouping for a pseudo third sort.
  • Drag and Drop throughoutOn Touch screen devices we provide Drag and Drop operation in every view – Drag appointments from one day to the next or within the same day to change its time. Drag items to link them. Drag tasks to convert to appointments and vice versa.
  • Month View ZoomSelect a handful of days, weekends, weekdays, or just a portion of your month. Get more detailed text, icons, or bars
  • My ViewsSave your common settings for any view and bring it back with a tap of a menu or hardware key. Save a search, a filter, ANYTHING.
  • Category FilteringFilter the displayed data by an advanced category filter user interface.
  • PhatWare Notes/PadPocket Informant’s Notes View supports both native Windows Mobile Notes and PhatWare‘s PhatPad and PhatNotes
  • LinksLink between tasks, appointments, and tasks. View links in a popup window or in the summary dialogs. Only available on Touch Screen devices.
  • MyText with Contact MacrosQuickly enter preset text with data pulled live from an existing contact or the current time/date.
  • Search ViewSearch View brings together every bit of PIM information on your device: Appointments, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, Journals. Search with wildcards, on a specific field, with certain dates, and within PIM item notes
  • Assign RingtonesOn a Windows Mobile 5/6 device you can assign a custom ringtone to a contact
  • FlexMail IntegrationSend Emails and SMS messages (phone edition/Smartphone only) through FlexMail 2007/4
  • Rich TextEnter Rich Text notes for all PIM types on Pocket PC and for Daily Notes, Journal, and plain Notes on Smartphone
  • ActiveSyncWorks directly with ActiveSync and Exchange Server ActiveSync.
  • Award WinningWe’ve won more awards than any other PIM on the Pocket PC including Best PIM for Pocket PC 2007 and People’s Choice Awards 2006
  • Designed for Windows MobileCertified for Windows Mobile 5.0/6 Professional/Standard and 2003/SE Pocket PC