Artist: Tsai Chin/Cai Qin (蔡琴)
Album: Lao Ge (老歌)
Publisher: UFO Group/Warner Music Singapore
Recording Technology:

About this album:
As the title speaks itself, this CD contains old songs. Some words on the title say “Yesterday’s melody and today’s memory”. According to my friend who lives at Taipei, it’s a very beautiful sentence.

Cai Qin herself has a deep, low, and “magnetic” voice to captivate anyone who hear her voice. Even some people say that listening Cai Qin is just like drinking a glass of good wine. It gives you special pleasure. Not just listen the song, but also some emotional relationship with how the singer sings the song for you.

Not much that I can explain about this album. It’s an old songs with high quality recording. The detail, high/mid/low extension are quite proportional. The high is good, but not too bright. The mid and low also has a perfect composition. Overall, the detail is excellent with good articulation in every melodies.

The physical CD itself also very unique because it’s quite transparent. You can see from my photo below. I can see my notebook screen from the CD. It’s a 24K Gold CD. It’s written UFO-8516 Made In Japan.


This old songs will bring your memory back to early days of Cai Qin. Turn off you light, listen this CD with a good 2-way speaker and Single Ended tube Amplifier. I think I can release all of my daily problems for a while and wake up in a better emotional condition 🙂 A short valuable brain rest means a lot. This is a collectible item and a must have for you who loves old song in a Cai Qin flavor.

Sound Quality: 4.75 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4.75 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 4.75 of 5 stars.

Track list:
01. ç—´ç—´çš„ç­‰
02. 寒雨曲
03. 落花流水
04. 是梦是真
05. 总有一天等到你
06. 三年
07. 诉衷情
08. 红泪
09. 一年又一年
10. 恨不相逢未嫁时