Monthly Archives: January 2008

Eee PC Launch @ Indonesia

Last Saturday, 26 January 2008, Eee PC was launched at Indonesia. Here is some photos for you who didn’t see this special event 😉 Few hours before the launch. Hmmm…...... Read More

Eee PC as Car PC. Anybody?

Few years ago, I played with Car PC with some of my friends. At that time, it was complicated to bring PC into the car. We need to buy expensive...... Read More

Silly Mastering…

Okay, I’m one of the Amanda McBroom fans. And one of my favorite song from her is “Make Me A Kite”. I bought two CD of Amanda McBroom (forgot when)....... Read More

SKRUK and Rim Banna: Krybberom

Artist: SKRUK and Rim Banna Album: Krybberom Publisher: Kirkelig Kulturverksted Recording Technology: – About this album: Rim Banna is a popular Palestine singer. One of her famous album is “Mirror...... Read More

SB Acoustics: High End Drivers Made in Indonesia

Well, I just couldn’t be more proud than this. Finally, a high end speaker driver brand from Indonesia. Call it SB Acoustics! According to Stereophile, the Scandinavian Audio Research (ScAR)...... Read More

Brimar CV4024 and GE 12B4A

After a quite long searching period, finally I got my tube, the Brimar CV4024 and GE 12B4A. Actually, I was looking for RCA 12B4A or Tungsol. But got no luck...... Read More

Bloody Wednesday…

Today, 17 January 2008 is one of the date that I will remember for some time in the future. Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX/JKSE) down to around 2559 after reaching 2835...... Read More

There’s No Such 24 bit 192 kHz CD Audio in The World!

Okay, I still read a lot of people claiming that he has a 24 bit 192 kHz CD Audio. And he asks me which CD Player will suit him to...... Read More

A Short Explanation about SACD

I read somewhere around people are talking about SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) and I read many misunderstanding about SACD. I will write short explanation about it. First, SACD is...... Read More

New Pocket Informant 8: Best PIM for Pocket PC Platform (and MS Smartphone)?

I just installed the trial version of Pocket Informant 8. Yes, I was the user of previous version of Pocket Informant. I thought this was the best PIM for Pocket...... Read More

CD Player Comparison Test at AudioLifestyle

At Friday night, my friend SMSed me. He asked me to join the CD Player comparison test at Audio Lifestyle magazine, Sunday 13 January 2008. Why not? 😉 I arrived...... Read More

Cai Qin (Chris and Friends): To Encounter

Artist: Tsai Chin/Cai Qin (蔡琴) and Chris Babida Album: To Encounter Publisher: Better Music Corp Recording Technology: 24bit Super Analog About this album: Chris Babida is a famous music arranger...... Read More