Artist: Anne Karin Kaasa
Album: Svalande Vind
Publisher: Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Recording Technology:

About this album:
This is a very old album. The first release was 1991. Well at that time, I was still playing with cassette deck 😉

Not much information about Anne Karin Kaasa (or just because I don’t know). Just like other Norway singer, she sang local language songs. Although this album name is “Svalande Vind” (Track #3), but for me, the best song in this album is the “Gje Meg Handa Di” (Track #1).

Anne’s pronunciation in this album was excellent. She sang with emotion and surprisingly, the recording quality was very impressive (consider this was recorded in 1990-1991). Surely it’s above average current most “audiophile labeled” CD. Other strong point from this CD was the instruments. The instruments played could bring and create powerful ambiance. Anne will sang right on the center with instruments filling the ambiance. On some parts, some of the instruments would play themselves without Anne.

This kind of music also reminds me of Hillary Stag (like a healing music) – but of course, Anne adds her strong and powerful vocal inside. Simple/enjoyable music, high quality recording, powerful/strong vocal, and impressive ambiance instruments are the keys for you to love this CD.

Sorry can’t express much about this CD. Simplicity and quality are two perfect words to express why I love this CD (though I don’t understand any single word sung by Anne). Listen alone at the night in the dark quite room. Feel her emotion when singing all of the song. Then you will wake up with fresher mind.

If you like music similar with Rim Banna or Kari Bremnes (ethnic or Gothic like music), then this one should fit your collections. But the difficult thing is, this CD is quite rare and hard to find. No surprise since the first release of this CD was 1991. You can order the CD directly from Kirkelig Kulturverksted if you are serious – but prepare for expensive shipping cost. It may be your most expensive CD Audio 😀

Sound Quality: 5 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4.5 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 4.9 of 5 stars.

Track list:
1. Gje Meg Handa Di
2. Den Svalande Vind
3. Til Deg
4. Fjelli Heime
5. VÃ¥rblom
6. Ingen Har Sett
7. Oss To
8. Morgonstunda Med Deg
9. Fjellbekken
10. Den Burtkomne Sonen
11. Haust Er Fred