Yesterday, I found my old SD Card. I thought that I would need that one to exchange data to/from my big notebook and my Eee PC. Read my other article if you don’t get my point. But like in the Forrest Gump movie, “shit” happens. My SD Card couldn’t be detected with either my notebook or my Eee PC.

I believed that this SD Card shouldn’t be dead (at least it should be quite durable). Then I checked the connectors. Dirty! Check the photo below.


What a dirty connector above. I wouldn’t surprise if my notebook couldn’t detect it. Me myself (if I were the notebook), I wouldn’t read it to 😉

Below is my favorite metal polish, the Brasso. It will clean rust and turn your metal based stuff into shinny things 😉

Put some Brasso (or any similar metal polish) on the cotton bud and clean the dirty parts. This time, the target was the SD Card connector. I rubbed the dirty connector few times and cleaned it with new cotton bud. I did that few times until the rust has been eliminated.


Now you can see a cleaner connectors below. I admitted that I did it not too perfect (not too clean) since I was in hurry. But the result was quite ok. My SD Card was detected with my notebook and my Eee PC. Case closed. I brought it back alive! 😉