Monthly Archives: December 2007

Carmen Meets Kharma Live: First Edition the Essence of Music (Limited Edition)

Artist: Carmen Gomes Inc. Album: Carmen Meets Kharma Live Publisher: STS Digital Recording Technology: SACD Hybrid Multichannel About this album: What will happen if you see Siltech, Marantz, dCS, Pyramix,...... Read More

Burmester Vorfuhrungs CD III

Artist: Various Artists/Compilation Album: Burmester Vorfuhrungs CD III Publisher: Burmester Recording Technology: – About this album: Burmester is well know as high end and expensive audio equipment manufacturer, from Power...... Read More

Anne Karin Kaasa: Svalande Vind

Artist: Anne Karin Kaasa Album: Svalande Vind Publisher: Kirkelig Kulturverksted Recording Technology: – About this album: This is a very old album. The first release was 1991. Well at that...... Read More

Clean Up Your SD Card

Yesterday, I found my old SD Card. I thought that I would need that one to exchange data to/from my big notebook and my Eee PC. Read my other article...... Read More

New Life with Eee PC (and Without My 3 Kgs Notebook)

Well, currently I’m using about 3 Kilograms notebook. For me, I’m quite happy since it’s well equipped with giant RAM, hard drive, and screen (also dedicated NVIDIA graphic board for...... Read More

Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas… You know that I love you so much…... Read More

Client Can’t Upload to FTP Server behind ISA Server Firewall

I was playing with Microsoft ISA Server 2006 until I realized that by default, client behind ISA Server firewall wouldn’t be able to write/upload to FTP Server. I was a...... Read More

More and More at!

I just check my this morning and see below. offers 600 GB of hosting and 6.000 GB (6 TB) of bandwidth. Simply amazing for US$6.95/months (2 years contract)...... Read More

Lotus Flower Macro Shoot with Canon A80

On the sunny Sunday afternoon, I took a shoot of my mother’s Lotus flower. Captured with my old Canon A80, macro mode, 1/636 sec, F/2.8mm, ISO 50. Not a really...... Read More