I got information from my friend yesterday about multiplication bug in Excel 2007. You can also search from Google with keyword “excel bug 100000” or similiar.

Some multiplication result produce 100000 instead of correct number.

Let’s say: 1.9 x 34492.10526 should produce 65535, but Excel 2007 produces 100000.

I think it’s related with 65535 (FFFF hexadecimal). I also check with FF (255), FFFFFF (16777215), and FFFFFFFF (4294967295) but no problem found so far.

I try with some numbers (see below and you can check the result). It happens only on certain numbers and I just can’t find the reason why 😉

    A. Raw number
    B. Raw number (65535 divided by the A column)
    C. The result from AxB (I revert the result, so I multiply back the B with A).                  Normally, it should produce 65535, not 100000!)