Monthly Archives: September 2007

My DIY Speaker XO Mod

Still remember my old speaker below? If don’t, please check it here. This weekend, I have some spare time. Hmm… a little tweak is no harm, right? 😉 Currently, my...... Read More

Excel 2007 Multiplication Bug

I got information from my friend yesterday about multiplication bug in Excel 2007. You can also search from Google with keyword “excel bug 100000” or similiar. Some multiplication result produce...... Read More

MM Phono Stage Blind Test

Yesterday, 15 September 2007, we held another Blind Test. This time, the topic was Moving Magnet (MM) Phono Stage. Two week before, we already had a Moving Coil (MC) session...... Read More

Microsoft to Buy RIM?

Rumors said that Microsoft could be interested to buy Research in Motion (RIM), famous BlackBerry maker. According to Reuters: “Microsoft has been mentioned as a possible buyer,” said Frederic Ruffy,...... Read More