As usual, I never missed Adelphi when visiting Singapore. This time, I bought LPCD45 of Chen Lily (陳潔麗). I have CD version of Chen Lily (陳潔麗): Each in Different Corner of the World (一水隔天涯). This version (the LPCD45) is the compilation of her previous album but off course with higher sound quality, as considered this is using LPCD45 format.

For you who want to know more about LPCD45 can read my article here.

The CD itself is very simple, with light brown color. The back CD, as usual, LPCD uses dark blue color. Nothing special I think. This CD is playable at normal CD Player. Don’t have to use special player to play the LPCD.

On the back cover, you can see the track list. I think most fans of Chen Lily are familiar with her songs.

Here’s is the track list:

  1. 假如我是真的
  2. 再見,我的愛人
  3. 小雨中的回憶
  4. 人約黃昏后
  5. 我和你
  6. 情人的關懷
  7. 難忘的初戀情人
  8. 相思河畔
  9. 酒醉的探戈
  10. 醉花蔭 (原創歌曲)
  11. 偶然的相遇
  12. 有誰知我此時情
  13. 我只在乎你
  14. 你可知道我愛誰
  15. 珍惜自己

Overall, the sound quality is quite impressive. Lily’s voice is getting sweet and sweeter. I think similiar with other LPCD that I’ve ever heard (like Teresa Teng and Priscilla Chan). All I can say is this CD very good and worth for collector item.