Just finished my Onkyo SE-90PCI mod yesterday. Haven’t tested it yet, maybe later… Don’t have enough time 🙂

Before the mod:

After the mod:

I used various capacitors in this project:

  • BlackGate F Series in main supply.
  • Rubycon ZL in DAC supply (upgraded from 330uF to 470uF)
  • Elna RBP2 in op-amp supply
  • BlackGate NX Hi-Q in DAC->op-amp coupling
  • SideRealKap in op-amp->output coupling
  • Some Rubycon ZA and Elna Cerafine (non-polar) in other sections

I decided not to change the op-amps (yet). Would try it and made sure I didn’t make any mistake 😉 My target was to use AD825 with SMD->DIP back-to-back adapter. Would see how did this “monster” perform before I decided to upgrade the op-amp.