Tall building is everywhere. Yup, no surprise here since land price is too expensive. People tends to build building vertically than horizontally. Welcome the skycrappers!

Few days ago, during Computex at Taipei, my friend send me a photo. The similiar photo can be seen below (I took the photo from somewhere on the net).

The photo above is the Taipei 101 at Taiwan. I visited it last year. It’s still the same building as shown in the photo. But you can see there is few letters on the building read “Marry Me? Diana” all on its four sides. It’s simply a new way to promoto your product or in short, it’s a new way to advertise your product.

A New Form of Advertisement? Why not?
If you have a skycrapper, then you expect to sell every inch of its floor. After the floor, then you can consider to sell its side to the advertiser. Some people choose to “paint” or “cover” the windows with specific picture as requested by advertiser. Cool! But this is year of 2000, where technology should be used to reduce the cost.

Taipei 101 at Taiwan is one of the genius example. They use the lamp (LED perhaps?) to form a letter. I believe you can create any letter based on request (though there are some limitation, like the word length, color, etc). The cost? Only around US$ 250.000 to US$ 300.000 per night! Crazy? But for you who want to advertise at the sky (over 300 metres), well, price may not be an object 🙂 Anyone within radius few kilometres can see your advertisement, glowing at the sky.

The photo above shows the display inside the lift. You can see your position, your height, you speed (it will increase up to 600 metre/minute). Enjoy the short ride (less than 1 minute) from the top of the Taipei 101 back to the ground.

Photo above was taken from Taipei 101 last year. Not a perfect photo (I didn’t bring my tripod anyway). You can read more here.