As I’ve mentioned on my previous thread here, I plan to modify the components on the Onkyo SE-90PCI. So, some of the parts have arrived. Some are still on the way.

I think I will use the Elna Cerafine as the main filter. The stock capacitor is Nichicon 470uF/16Volt. I plan to upgrade it to Elna Cerafine 2200uF/16Volt. As we know that better filtering should give better sound quality, so I underline the need of highest quality capacitor in this section. I plan to use BlackGate to, but can’t find the FK series around. I currenty have BlackGate Standard Series 1000uF/16Volt, but I think I prefer Cerafine over BlackGate Standard. This Cerafine is quite big. I’m not so sure whether I can fit in on the board 😉 Will find the way later.

I plan to use Rubycon ZA series for other sections. This low impedance and affordable capacitor should be a perfect companion for my upgrading needs.

I also order some value of Rubycon ZL. The quality is somehow below the ZA series, but available in higher capacitance and voltage. Also cheaper than the ZA series. This Rubycon ZL will be used when I’m running out of Rubycon ZA.

Will post the update soon when the other components arrive.