Spb has just launcher their new application (or game?). The idea is very interesting, to exercise your brain. Train your brain to reach another level, just like your muscle.

Basically, Spb Brain Evolution is a puzzle game. It has 10 games to train your brain. This program has its own way to train your brain. Let’s say, you have to finish certain level before you can play another game, you have to pass certain score, etc. This game also has “benchmark mode” to check you brain level. You have to answer some question and this program will evaluate your brain’s score.

The picture above show the “Brain Marking Result”. You can benchmark your brain once every day to see its performance.

From the picture above, you can see the games offered by Spb Brain Evolution. We have Arithmetics, Quadronica, Memorics, Sudoku, Numbers, Minesweeper, Balltracker, Guess Who, Encyclopedia, and Matches. Each game has their own difficulty level and you have to pass certain level to play more games.

When you have finished the training program, you will receive award. Nothing really special here, just a prove that you have finished the training in a satisfactory level.

This game also will increase your knowledge. Every game will give you a bonus of general knowledge about a lot of things happened in this world. You can read it any time by visiting your diary.

How fast your brain learns? Well, you can see from the graph above 😉

This is a nice game. I don’t know whether this will really improve your brain or not, but in my opinion, such puzzle game will have certain effect for your brain. You have to put extra concentration, extra attention, etc to finish this game (and score the necessary points). Sure when your brain has been fully trained, this extra power will affect your daily life. Anyway, I haven’t finished the game yet 😉 Perhaps for a US$19,95, you can’t go wrong 😀 You also can try the demo version first.