According to this, Research in Motion (RIM) is working on the emulator to make Windows Mobile based devices to work like a Blackberry.

I think the idea is simple, but not easy to be implemented. According to RIM, they are working on the emulator based on the Windows Mobile 6 platform. So, expect no upgrade for the previous Windows Mobile user. The interesting thing is this software allow the user to switch between Blackberry and/or Windows Mobile mode. So, I don’t have to buy new Blackberry device to taste the real Blackberry (hope they will support full Blackberry services, not just the e-mail like the Blackberry Connect).

I think on one side, this idea will boost Blackberry’s popularity, but on the other side, this may affect the Blackberry based device selling. It’s interesting to see the RIM’s strategy upon this. The launch is scheduled this Fall.